Punctuating the New Plurality

To coin a punctuation, the ones' needs outweigh the needs of the one's. Before we learned to count
Gazing at the lone belly button
Contemplating one's navel
Meditation was a private affair
What need had we of punctuation?

Now we are one plus one
Gazing at the communal belly button
Contemplating ones' navel
Rejecting exclusionary self-meditation
Necessity is the mother of punctuation.


  1. I just noticed that the first words of each line can be read as their own secret message:

    "Before gazing—contemplating. (Meditation.) What now? Gazing, contemplating: rejecting necessity."

  2. This is wholly unexpected, and altogether grand! "What now? Gazing, contemplating: rejecting necessity" not only summarizes my Intended Plan for the Near Future (i.e. studying philosophy), but suggests a new direction for my monologues (i.e. imbedded clandestine communications), both of which seem related to one another in a mystical, Möbiuslike way.

    Thanks, Craig!