Vacation Plans: A Chant for Four Voices

Some chants require four-part harmony. First voice

We'll lie in state beyond the gate
Where stars go streaming by
And polish our spoons in the moonlight
While eating our Hubble pie.

Second voice

We'll trip the light fantastic
As he swaggers about the room
Then lie in wait on his estate
In Lima or Cancun.

Third voice

We'll forge ahead at the shoulders
And stumble the dark mundane
We'll win the races at Nazca
While barreling over the plain.

Fourth voice

Mi mi mi la si do la do
Fa si si fa si mi do
Do re mi fa sol la si la sol
Si si si do si do.


  1. Much as I love your prose, you excel at tightly constructed wordplay. :-)

  2. Thank you, Craig. Speaking of spreadsheets, I'm experimenting with recursive wordplay even now, which I hope to use to do away with any residual looseness. Will advise.