Questioning Gumby

The factorial of ipsolateral Gumby. Of all the questions I'm expected to answer during the course of my daily self-interrogation, "what does that mean in English?" is my favorite, especially when the question is couched in Latin. This gives me the opportunity to stretch out a bit before I answer, because if there's one thing a couch is good for, it's stretching.

As I get longer, I try to imagine what it must have been like for Gumby. How was his Latin? Did he grasp, ipso facto, the concept of stretching for its own sake, or did he entirely miss the marks? When company arrived, did he woo his guests with the occasional ipso factoid, or did he prefer the more intellectual tack?

How were his Latin math skills? Did he spend his free time calculating the ipso factorial, or was he more inclined toward the spatial computations required for analyzing ipsolateral triangles and their ilk?

All ilking aside, I don't think Gumby knew anything about French.



  1. Ha! You've been on a roll!

    Sorry for the brevity,
    but thanks for the levity,
    and here's to longevity
    (let's ring in 2070!)

  2. A jellyroll actually. No sugar, no glory.

    2070! Has a nice ring to it.