The Duality of Salad

Digestible in any sense of the word. I love the word salad.

Green with enviable chlorophyll, to dig we must use the implements at hand, for the root of the repast lies within.

I love the word-salad.

No mere pasta, this, it agrees with me wholeheartedly as it digests, then stows away, for archival quality is the root of the future.



  1. Love it! I was just thinking about the word "garnish," which simultaneously means "to decorate" and "to seize." This duality is illustrated in an episode of "Arrested Development," in which the character Buster is offered a medal of honor by the Army, but in the act of accepting he is re-enlisted.

  2. Like the proverbial icing on the cabbage, only from some other proverb, not the one about iced cabbage.

    The inspiration came suddenly (as it so often does) after reading the introductory words on the @whatsthefracas Twitter account belonging to the writer who wrote the piece my daughter used as the basis for writing a school paper, which I also read. Sometimes inspiration is like that. Sudden, I mean. And unexpected.