Hawking's Alchemy

While I'm waiting for my sense of humor to return from its most recent journey to Outer Darkness, I thought it would be a good idea to use this space for something, by which I mean the absence of nothing. Now that I think about it, the idea wasn't really mine in the first place, so I wasn't thinking about the good idea so much as waiting for someone else to have it for me. This idea-by-proxy came to me by way of Peter Kim over at Online PhD, who was kind enough to make me aware of the graphic you see below, assuming your eyes aren't swollen shut.

Like smoke, lemonade gets in your eyes. This is especially true if you forget to put the lid on the blender, which isn't the sort of thing you would expect from Stephen Hawking. Where others might be content with the idea of making lemonade from the pile of lemons set before them by the hands of angry gods, the illustrious Mr. Hawking chose alchemy instead, turning lemons to gold and gold to more gold, until he had so much gold piled up in his kitchen that there wasn't any room left for the blender, or the margarine. I think that's where he decided to put all the gold down the disposal and pursue more important things, like Physics.

I'm only guessing about that, of course. My own experiences with lemons have been considerably more perverse, but when the ordinary household blender is plugged into a 220 volt line, there's going to be smoke. I know that now.

Stephen Hawking

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