Regarding Bad Words

Ever mindful of the finer points, Craig Conley has come through with a graphic representation of what I had in mind yesterday when I attempted to reduce his graphic, pictured below, to 1000 words or less.

When you think about it, the mere fact that the graphic didn't yet exist is reason enough to doubt time's linear nature and its deleterious effect on my moustache, which is not to scale.


  1. It really is true -- neither the graphic not your prose existed before we each referenced the other. One of the great secrets of academia is that this is how dissertations and their citations get generated.

  2. One of the hazards of delirious writing is the blend of truths, half-truths, and infernal lies, sometimes all within the same sentence. So thank you for corroborating. And collaborating.

    And elaborating. One more secret of academia bites the dust of the bag from which the cat was sprung.