Quixotic Reflections

Don Omega dons his lightweight armor. Some say that aluminum clothing reflects poorly on the wearer, especially on a moonless night. Reflecting on the lunar extravaganza slated to appear this weekend, good taste begins to take on the luster of objects below, above, and indeed from any angle that suits a photon's passing fancy.

For those whose taste runs circles around convention, riding the clotheshorse into battle takes on new meaning. Dapper in my new aluminum suit, windmills are afraid, for knighttime is the right time.

I think Silver knew that already. That's why Tonto smiled.



  1. You're right: "Being dressed for the occasion is a must, and this aluminum 'moon suit' is the last word" (Popular Mechanics, Feb. 1961).

    If only "last word" were "omegaword"! We do the best we can.

  2. Indeed you do, and it's never taken for granted.

    I believe I may have seen that particular photo in that particular issue of PM. Not that I remember it. It's just a belief.