Bridging the Future Gap

Bridges are so yesterday. Anyone with a magnifying glass can burn his bridges behind him, but it takes more than magnification to spot those that lie ahead, especially when the horizon is obscured by smoke. No mere tactical blunder, burning my bridges in front of me guarantees a stage-left exit strategy that avoids the need for revisionist history, for there is no bone of contention where winners and losers share the win-win strategy of getting to the other side.

If necessity is the mother of invention and foresight is its construction manager, the two of them will only argue over blueprints that don't include a braking mechanism, particularly when a zip line is used in place of a bridge that no longer exists. This is reason enough to fire both before they become unduly involved in the process, thereby eliminating the planning phase so construction can commence. Adrenaline rushes in where fools fear to trip the light fantastic, which is a fancy way of saying that brakes are an unnecessary complication where zip lines are concerned.

Spanning the gorge in this way satisfies humanity's ageless hunger for building things that connect other things, while simultaneously quenching my thirst for high-speed transportation, and visions.



  1. I think "a fancy way of saying" would make a good subtitle for this blog.

  2. I like! The current one may be ready for retirement anyway, having served its satirical purpose with grace and dignity for many years. Well, maybe not dignity, exactly. Or grace. Or purpose. But it's definitely been there for years. That's the main thing.