Multiple Choice

One of these things is not like the others.

There is only one correct question for each answer.

a) Reciprocity failure.
a) The intersection of two Venn diagrams.
a) I know this one.
a) A rectifier.
a) First there is a mountain.
a) The last owl.
a) Self-perpetrating prophesy.
a) I don't understand.
a) Beyond the shadow of reason.
a) Mere portals.
a) A catalyzing event.
a) There is no beep.

q) Is not the reciprocal a negative quantity?
q) When did his watch stop?
q) Molybdenum, as in Molybdenum?
q) If a lightning rod isn't connected, is it still a lightning rod?
q) How many quantum mechanics does it take to change?
q) Why not block the number?
q) Was that a comet?
q) You call that codified?
q) What hyperbolic chitchat?
q) The set of all known Venn diagrams?
q) What has happened here?
q) What color was the sky?
q) Where has all the flour gone?
q) If the bow breaks, what then?
q) That came from your printer?
q) If lightning strikes, who will take the reigns?
q) Did you come alone?



  1. I admit to cheating by looking at the answer key:

  2. These infernal interwebs make online testing so very challenging.