Questionable Certainties

Extra Special Ops Having reached the age of habituation, it's easy to take my surroundings for granted. A tree is still a tree, a hydrant is a hydrant, and the clouds are where they've always been, though they seem darker now. To avoid further complacency, I believe the time has come to take my surroundings with a grain of salt, questioning the certainties that frame my worldview, and cleaning the peephole I use to spy on the little terrorist across the hall.

Sure, I'm aware of my surroundings, but are my surroundings aware of me? Of course not. Espionage doesn't work that way.



  1. There are two instances in which I regret having taken the surroundings with a grain of salt: the Salton Sea and Margaritaville. What happened can be summarized in two words: pitting edema.

  2. I can relate. As uncle grandma used to say, a dropsy in the rustbucket is worth two coats on the undercarriage.