Reflective Translucency

Really, self-reflection is. After I make a sentence, I like to second-guess its meaning. Is there an insinuation, and if so, why isn't it floating on the surface where I can touch it? Are there hidden patterns? How many words were sacrificed at the altar of translucency, or made to perform in their pajamas?

Where reasoned communication is the goal, the answer is no. Otherwise, an even mix of gypsum and dried plant matter solves the puzzle just as well, leaving ample time for reflective nesting, and the quiet enjoyment of a midsummer night's dream.

As the astute reader will have noted, Lucidum somniantes habitant, servatis in speculo tantum retro Dextrum autem somnium somnium in no way reflects the views of those whose dreams have been prerecorded, reformatted, or translated for broadcast in a foreign market.



  1. How many words were sacrificed at the altar of translucency? I googled it and discovered that "The clearest number is '1883.'"

  2. No wonder I couldn't get a useful anagram from Google. I was using 1983.