The Nesting Habits of Successful Programmers

Self-reflection isn't, really. Even as technology's decadent thrum brings remote viewing to the bedrooms of those who refuse to cover their smartphone lenses with tape, an equivalent crutch remains beyond the reach of the average lucid dreamer, leaving himor her, if gender even matters nowto hobble about in the dark.

Fortunately, the techniques of the ancients are available to those with the wisdom to sniff at page-ranking algorithms, for taste is rarely in the eye of the beholder. Optically speaking, the mind's eye has already done the heavy lifting, sparing us the nosebleeds and confusion that come from walking on ceilings, or falling up the stairs. Speaking subaudibly, the volume of sleepers in the nest has little effect on the content of the common dream, leaving sober reflection as the only reliable means of transport.

It goes without saying that nested lucid dreamers, when observed in a mirror, are reversed not only right to left, but dream to dream. How this might affect the portal itself is exactly the sort of question that wastes what little time we have left for writing software.


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