The Shadow of My Penciled-In Moustache

Good for business, no matter how you spell it. Monday morning. An old song, a new radio, and a pencil behind my ear to show the world I mean business. I don't always say what I mean, so a pencil is a good way to get the point across without coming off as flirty, or ostentatious. Business can be funny that way.

Tapping my foot in time to the mumbling from the radio, I merged into the stream of busses clogging the HOV lane. Just as my other foot was beginning to get the hang of it, a burst of static spoiled the rhythm, leaving a question mark where the downbeat had been. Solar flares can be funny, too, but have no place in business.

Lowering my visor, I noticed that half of my moustache was gone. If I'm like most people, mirror images are useful for reflecting the overall look and feel of a situation, as long as it's understood that objects are presented vice versa, if not always closer than they appear. The mental gymnastics required for translating verse to visum are the stuff of legend, making me all the more grateful for the words of the guy who was always floating around without his cheeseburger, and more grateful still that a song containing those words happened to come out of my radio at precisely that moment.

Yeah, I wish I had a penciled-in mustache, then I could solve some mysteries too.

Drawing my ear-pencil from its holster, I thought about the spelling as I filled in the shadow where my natural hair had been. Would anyone notice? If so, would it become a bone of contention? I laughed, and shifted gears. What am I, a dictionary?



  1. Ha -- great zinger, "What am I, a dictionary?" Coincidentally, this weekend I learned from Jonathan Caws-Elwitt that we are /all/ walking encyclopedias. (I'd give the context of that, but it's 78.9 MB.)

  2. Yikes. Encyclopedic knowledge wears a size 10 shoe, probably.